Hitachi Content Software for File.

Data Platform for AI & High-Performance Computing.

Blazing fast distributed file system for high-performance computing, AI, ML, and analytics workloads. Amazingly simple and highly scalable.








No More Data Silos, Accelerate Insights.

90 %
Improvement in AI training time

Increase data scientist productivity with up to 90% improvement in deep learning epoch time, extract insights from data quicker.

75 %+
Improved ROI of underutilized resources

Improve ROI of specialized devices, real-time applications, and reduce workload wall clock time by 75% or more compared to local SSD storage.

> 65 %
Storage cost savings

Achieve storage cost savings by more than 65% leveraging shared storage instead of traditional High-Performance Computing or HPC clusters using individual drives.

Hitachi File and Object Capabilities.

Hitachi Content Platform

High-performing, scale-out object storage software with diverse data-source connectors gives structure to all your unstructured data.

Hitachi NAS Platform

Reduce complexity with our robust, reliable, efficient, and high-performance Network Attached Storage technology.

Hitachi Content Platform Gateway

Extend your Hitachi Content Platform to deliver elastic, scalable, backup-free file services outside the data center.

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

A secure, smart digital workplace that mobilizes, protects, syncs and shares data anywhere, anytime on any device.

Accelerate High-Performance Workloads.

Find out why the world’s top organizations are using Hitachi Content Software for File to accelerate AI, ML, HPC, and big data applications.

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