High Performance Storage for AI

Solution Profile

Now, get the critical competitive edge you need, with access to more data—faster—at a lower cost!

The Question

It’s a highly complex question with a deceptively simple answer: How do you win with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-performance, computing-based analytics? Speed. Because the only way to stay ahead is to run more models with more complex algorithms faster than your competitors. That requires faster access to more data, ideally at a lower cost. Simple.

The Challenge

Now the hard part: getting there. Your applications need more data, but storage performance has lagged beyond what traditional CPUs can deliver. While GPUs have shrunk compute infrastructure by 40%, the data they process has grown by 50%—but this comes at a high cost: organizations are investing substantial dollars to modify GPUs and get the high-density platform they need. To extract the maximum return from that investment, you need the right infrastructure: a more efficient, higher performing storage platform incorporated into your workflow. And now, it’s possible.

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