Data Protection.

Essential for defending against cyber-attacks, data protection enables your agency to secure critical information and uphold the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data.


Hitachi Data Protection Suite.


OEM with Veritas.


Ops Center Protector.

Hitachi Data Protection Suite

Overcome the Risks of Ransomware.

The Hitachi Data Protection Suite enables your agency to properly manage, govern, protect, and share data so that you can improve productivity, gain efficiency, and further your transformation of IT.

Hitachi Ops Center Protector

Next-Gen Data Protection for Uninterrupted Operations.

Hitachi Ops Center Protector is an enterprise copy data management software platform. It automates and orchestrates a range of data copy and movement technologies, to greatly enhance agency continuity and disaster recovery.

Benefits of Hitachi
Ops Center Protector.

For IT Professionals

Simplify data protection and recovery operations, using the right tools for each job but managing them all in one place. Eliminate the need for backup windows. Protect data faster and more frequently. Combine local and remote requirements in a single policy-based workflow.

For Application and Database Administrators

Automate copy creation and gain control of copy data management to support secondary agency functions, such as DevOps.

For Compliance and Governance

Make use of backup data to support analysis, e-discovery and auditing operations.