Data Optimization.

Streamline, enhance, and maximize the value of your data with our data optimization solutions.

Streamlining your agency’s decision making, enhancing your operations and decision making, and maximizing your overall efficiency are critical to reach mission success. With our data optimization solutions, powered by the Pentaho+ Platform, we help transform your data into the game-changing advantage your agency needs.


Pentaho Platform

Prepare. Build. Deploy.

Accelerate your data transformation with the Pentaho+ Platform and turn your data into a constant source of trustworthy insights and value. From data integration and analysis to cataloging data to optimizing your data storage, the Pentaho+ Platform is a powerful and proven tool to get the most out of your data.

Pentaho Data Integration

Gather, integrate, and analyze.

Manage data at scale for rapid innovation, ease of use, and self-service automation and orchestration.

Pentaho Data Analytics

Modern, interactive, and intuitive.

Pentaho Analytics technology enables organizations to access, prepare, and analyze all data from any source, in any environment.

Pentaho Data Catalog

Less effort, less risk, in less time.

Automatically find, analyze, and tag structured and unstructured data and contextualize it with federal glossary and governance policies.

Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

Find a balance.

Balance your data across cloud and on-premises infrastructures with Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer and control your data’s cost, risk, and sustainability.

Hitachi Content Intelligence

Unlock your data’s insights.

Intelligent data discovery and transformation improves productivity by revealing insights more quickly to make your agency smarter.

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