VSP E Series Datasheet


In a world where microseconds matter, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series supercharges performance for mission applications, while also meeting data efficiency needs with a simple-to-manage platform.

Trusted Capabilities That Won’t Break the Bank

Can your IT infrastructure team keep up with the demands of a distributed workforce and data hungry applications? If you are overwhelmed by maintenance tasks and struggling to deliver IT projects fast enough, because you’re continually challenged to be agile and “do more with less,” it’s time to rethink data storage.

With the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E series (VSP E590, VSP E790 an VSP E1090), we provide agile and automated storage built upon the innovative technologies found in our high-end enterprise systems. Now all businesses can deliver exemplary service levels, data security, and cloud services enabling the acceleration of cloud-native application development and migration. With Hitachi VSP systems, businesses of any size can enjoy the same peace of mind and application availability that the largest enterprises in the world rely on.

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