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Helping Federal Agencies Address Their IT Infrastructure Needs

Hitachi Vantara Federal’s products, services and solutions provide government agencies with reliable, scalable technology that support agency missions and improve IT costs and agility. See how Hitachi Data Systems Federal can help you address your IT infrastructure needs.


Checklist for Database Environment Best Practices - Learn how to optimize your database environment and storage system to achieve optimum performance, ensure continuous operations and simplify database administration.

How to Build an Always-On Infrastructure - This checklist outlines nine steps to build an infrastructure that works around the clock to enable more reliable, trusted and cost-effective solutions for your critical data needs.

5 Steps to Achieve the Flexibility of Public Cloud and the Control of Private Cloud - Learn how to get the advantages of both public and private cloud computing, without the downside of either one.

5 Requirements for Converged Systems Readiness - Learn the 5 must-have requirements when choosing a converged solution that reduces costs and drives increased value from your existing applications.


On the Road in a Flash with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform - Download this infographic to learn how Hitachi VSP midrange storage systems lay the foundation for software-defined infrastructure and enable agility to respond quickly to shifting demands.

The Future of Convergence is Here Infographic - Find out how the Hitachi UCP solution family can accelerate the applications you use the most, helping IT meet mission-critical needs in this fun infographic.

A Roadmap to Converged Infrastructure - This infographic lays out the 4 steps necessary to transition your federal agency from physical, virtual and cloud to a converged infrastructure.

Solution Profiles

Big Data: Staying a Step Ahead of Your Data - Hitachi Vantara Federal offers cost-effective, scalable technologies that provide opportunities for federal agencies to meet the demands of the big data revolution.   

Continuous Cloud Infrastructure - Continuous Cloud Infrastructure from Hitachi Vantara Federal enables government and IT leaders to deliver on the promise of the cloud platform.

Data: One Platform for All Data - Hitachi Vantara Federal’s Object Storage Solution provides a solution where data can be stored, protected and accessed via industry standard protocols.

Storage: Software-Defined Storage - Hitachi Vantara Federal’s Software-Defined Storage solution simplifies data storage administration by speeding up traditionally time-consuming tasks, while enabling the storage architecture to be more flexible and responsive to changes. 

Surveillance: Solutions for Public Safety and Smart Communities - Hitachi Vantara Federal’s two-part Surveillance Sensor solution includes intelligent edge-capture devices and an integrated cloud and mobile software platform.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Hitachi Storage Virtualization - Find out how Hitachi Vantara Federal can help your agency address growth demands, optimize existing resources, reduce costs- and other key advantages. 

9 Surprises About Hitachi Data Systems Federal - Hitachi Vantara Federal is more than the industry-leading manufacturer of storage systems. Learn about our wide variety of IT solutions, from all-flash storage to servers and cloud services.

Hitachi Converged Virtualization Comparison Guide - Learn how the Hitachi Unified Compute platform stands up to the competition to extend agency agility across physical and virtual environments.

CGI Builds Successful Federal Cloud Services on Hitachi UCP Select for VMware vSphere with Cisco UCS - Read this success story about how CGI has assembled a converged solution stack with Hitachi UCP that became the baseline for numerous federal agency clients.

HDS Federal Storage, Content and Infrastructure Solutions - Hitachi Vantara Federal offers solutions to simplify, automate, deliver visibility and allow for effortless scalability to your data management infrastructure.

White Papers

The Value of Connected Intelligence for Federal Law Enforcement - Law enforcement agencies utilize the Hitachi CI3 Suite to aggregate and manage disparate sensor data tied investigations.

IDC Technology Assessment of Hitachi Content Platform - Read this IDC Technology Assessment to see why Hitachi's vertical focus puts the company in a unique position to create integrated systems beyond network, compute, and storage.

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Security - Solve data protection and security Issues amid big data, cloud and growth. Answer your unstructured data dilemma with an object storage system that dynamically protects and secures content in perpetuity. This white paper shows how you can significantly reduce capex, opex and data management complexity over the life of your data.

IDC White Paper: The Business Value of Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) - Looking for a proven converged system? This white paper allows you to learn how UCP solves a multitude of challenges, delivers reliable value and user support and makes an overall measurable impact for your agency.

Hyper Connect: Enabling Programmatic Data Management - This white paper allows you to learn more about Hyper Connect’s scope of capabilities.

The Future of Convergence is Here - This paper takes a closer look at the challenges plaguing federal organizations in today's information technology environments, including shadow IT.    

The Power of Pentaho and Hadoop in Action - This white paper provides a review of a scalability test where Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) was used for MapReduce jobs in Hadoop to show sustained performance at scale.

Surviving an Environment of IT Change - This paper details how the Federal government is affected by the recent cloud-computing revolution and how to navigate the new IT environment expectations.

Realizing the Value in Health Data - This white paper outlines how a proper and flexible implementations of Big Data solutions can help our medical professionals have secure access to data where and when they need.

The Case for As-A-Service IT Models - This paper looks at the challenges around adopting aaS and cloud, and how Federal agencies can address those challenges.

Making the Transition: From Image Archives to Enterprise Content Repositories in the Health System - Explore the evolution of the picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) to vendor-neutral health data management infrastructures like VNA and AICA.

State of the IT Environment: MegaChange is the New Normal - The IT Industry is driven by constant change, both in technology and in structure.  This white paper outlines the barriers that CIOs need to overcome to survive the age of Digital Transformation.


Preparing for Next Generation Cloud: New Insights for Federal IT - The Economist Intelligence Unit and Hitachi Data Systems report on key challenges, risks and best practices in cloud adoption, and an abridged overview of key topics of importance to Federal IT.

Critical Capabilities for General-Purpose, High-End Storage Arrays: Federal IT Overview - This report includes Gartner's analysis of 12 high-end storage arrays, across high-impact use cases, and an abridged overview of key topics of importance to Federal IT.

Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays: Federal IT Overview - This report includes Gartner's Magic Quadrant analysis of 19 general-purpose disk array vendors, where Hitachi Data Systems placed in the "Leaders" quadrant, as well as an abridged overview of key topics of importance to Federal IT.


Capitalizing on Government’s Data: Full Program - Christian Heiter, CTO of HDS Federal, joins a panel discussion on federal data policies, the affect on multiple stakeholders and much more.

Capitalizing on Government’s Data: Hitachi Vantara Federal One on One - Listen to Christian Heiter, CTO of Hitachi Vantara Federal, as he discusses agency data management and more with Constance Sayers, President of Government Executive Media Group.

Bridging The Gap Between Big Data and Critical Decisions - Listen to Peter Aiken, the founding director of the Data Blueprint, and Christian Heiter, CTO of HDS Federal, talk about how to leverage big data to make meaningful decisions.  

Hitachi Vantara WebTech Series - Join Hitachi Data Systems for a monthly webcast forum where technical end-users can learn how to maximize your existing IT infrastructure potential, deploy best techniques for storage management, and benefit from real-life use case scenarios.  

IT Economics Savings Calculator

Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software provides virtual storage capacity to help you simplify administration, eliminate application service interruptions and reduce costs when adding storage. To learn how much you can save, take a moment to complete the Hitachi Data Systems savings calculator


HDS Federal Engagement and Support Center - How can we help you? Here are the four ways.

CI3 Suite for Critical Infrastructure, Investigations and Intelligence - The Hitachi CI3 Suite is a purpose-built visualization solution that aggregates and manages disparate sensor data tied to law enforcement investigations.

Transform Today, Thrive Tomorrow - Digital technologies are having a major impact on government. Your agency is probably like other agencies: under pressure to transform. Explore the benefits of digital transformation. 

Integrate, Explore, Visualize and Predict With Analytics - By tightly coupling data integration with business analytics, Pentaho brings together IT and business users to integrate, blend and analyze all data that impacts business results.

Hitachi Streaming Data Platform: Gain Active Insight Into Your Data Streams - Process, analyze and gain insight from your data in motion.

Secure, Simple, Smart Sync and Share - Mobilize your data and access it anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Hitachi Content Platform: Enterprise-Class, Backup-Free Cloud and Archive - Choose Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) to control data mobility across clouds and storage tiers, sync and share data across offices and devices and more.

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Competitive Comparative Guide - Choose the most secure file sync and share tool for your enterprise.

Learn How to Select the Right All-Flash Solution for Your IT Environment - Five questions you should ask when reviewing a new all-flash solution for a software-defined infrastructure.

Case Study

Fighting Crime Becomes Easier in Texas - The Austin City Police Department better serves and protects with Hitachi Visualization Platform. Greater visibility and connected intelligence enable police to reduce and rapidly respond to crimes.

Videos and Demos

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform – Inspiration, Vision and Business Value - Learn more about Hitachi Vantara Federal and UCP business value, specifically focusing on converged infrastructure benefits.

Smart Cities Improve Public Safety Levels - Better decisions are made with an integrated unified view of city data from multiple resources.

Fast and Secure Business Insight With Pentaho - Learn how to enable big data analytics with Hitachi Vantara Federal Hyper Scale-Out Platform (HSP) and Pentaho.

Move to a Software Defined Data Center - Hitachi can help you move on from your legacy data applications, offering a portfolio of infrastructure, automation and virtualization software.

Mike Tanner Discusses Data Center Optimization on Government Matters - Hitachi Vantara Federal President and CEO, Mike Tanner, appeared on NewsChannel 8’s Government Matters on August 19, 2016. Mike discusses with host Francis Rose how government contractors can assist agencies with meeting the recent Data Center Optimization Initiative goals. Mike also discusses ongoing developments with the FedRAMP program and how agencies can better manage the large amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things.

Also visit the Hitachi Vantara YouTube channel to learn more about our products, services and solutions.