The State of Data Infrastructure Sustainability

Research Report

Sustainability continues to be a priority for businesses worldwide. Yet, while a majority claim their plans are on track, the reality is more complex.

In a recent study among 1,000 global businesses by Hitachi Vantara, the data center is identified as a focal point for decarbonization, though many don’t fully understand the impact the data center has on their overall carbon footprint. Additionally, nearly half report cloud migration is the primary approach to reducing data center CO2 emissions. This highlights a common misconception that shifting workloads from data centers to the cloud addresses the problem. As a result, many place a lower priority on approaches such as moving to high-performance data infrastructure, even though this has proven to be more immediate and cost-effective.

The study did reveal there are a growing number of leaders who think differently and recognize that modern data infrastructure is pivotal in driving sustainability forward. Companies that aim to boost their environmental performance would be well-served by pursuing the same infrastructure strategy to stay ahead.

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