Object Storage.

Manage, Analyze, and Protect.

Preserve and realize the full value of your agency’s unstructured data through the integrated data management, high performance, and data protection offered by Hitachi Vantara Object Storage.








By the Numbers.

Tons of CO2 reduction over 5 years

Reduce your carbon footprint through intelligent data lifecycle management. Hitachi Vantara Object Storage customers save 8% usable capacity, 46% Cost/TB, and 51% power cost and consumption vs. leading vendors.

Faster response times

Any delay can mean the difference between mission success or mission failure. Enterprise Strategy Group measured 50% improvement in time to first byte and 8x large object read and write performance.

Less latency, consistent performance

Hitachi Vantara Object Storage delivers 15x small object average read and 10x average write performance measured in ESG report, scaling to billions of files required by IoT and AI-driven applications.


Hitachi Content Platform

Enable new use cases and traditional workloads both on-premises and in the cloud with scalable, flexible object storage.

Hitachi Content Software for File

High-performance file services for AI, machine learning, and data analytics.

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Enterprise

Military-Grade global file services with unique capabilities in managing distributed infrastructure, content collaboration, data protection and automating controls for mission owners.

Hitachi Content Intelligence

Intelligent data discovery, transformation, and orchestration improves productivity and reveals mission critical insights.

Hitachi NAS Platform

Reduce complexity with our robust, reliable, efficient, and high-performance NAS technology.

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Work With a Trusted, Reliable Vendor.

Hitachi Vantara Federal has long been a trusted provider of solutions for federal customers. HCP’s reliability, security, availability, and enterprise-class features adds to our already strong resume.

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