Pentaho Data Analytics.

Greater Return on Data Investments.

Unlock the power of your entire workforce through simplified access to mission critical insights driven by 100% trusted data.








Measurable Gains With Every Use.

Improved data trust

Ensuring data served to mission critical applications and activities is dependable, accurate and a single source of truth for compliance and auditability.

Increase in productivity

ROI cost savings, performance improvements and analytic enablement becomes faster and easier, in as little as 30 days.

Impactful organization results

AI-ready data is labeled, normalized and organized, so it can be easily parsed and used to draw insight and meaningful conclusions.


Dynamic Data Migration for Hybrid Cloud

Intelligent hybrid cloud data movement and cost savings.

Trusted Data Discovery, Observability, and Reliability

Trustworthy outcomes from a single source of truth for every user.

Data Privacy and Compliance

Discover sensitive data for lower risks and costs.

Unified Data Integration

Connect, integrate, transform and enrich IT & OT data in context.

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Pentaho Data Integration & Analytics.

Quickly integrate and automate data pipelines to break down data silos using an easy drag-and-drop interface with native connectivity and bulk-loading to most common data sources, including MongoDB and Snowflake.

Pentaho Data Catalog

Understand data across your agency and search quickly for risk reduction and compliance.

Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

Flag “cold” data within file systems environments plus background processes to automatically “stub” cold data and tier it to lower cost object storage, like Hitachi Content Platform.

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Professional Services
Skilled professionals help you to architect, implement and deploy a flexible solution to your data management needs.

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