People of Hitachi: Alexis Martinez

People of Hitachi  |  April 2, 2024

At Hitachi Vantara Federal, our people make us great. We recently sat down with Alexis Martinez, a Technical Resource Center Analyst for Hitachi Vantara Federal, for her a look at her role and experience at the company, and her advice for fellow professionals in the technology industry.

What’s your role and day-to-day experience within Hitachi Vantara Federal?

I am a Technical Resource Center Analyst for Hitachi Vantara Federal’s Federal Engagement & Support Center (FESC). I’ve worked with this incredible team for nearly three years and look forward to many more!

A typical day for me consists of providing assistance to our federal customers by diagnosing and resolving hardware and/or software challenges related to their Hitachi products. When I’m not busy with case work, I try to utilize my time training and studying for certifications so I can provide the best support possible!

I am also a proud member of the Hitachi Vantara Federal Women’s Employee Resource Group (WERG)! Not only has this been a great way to connect and engage with the other women in the organization, but we are also working hard to come up with innovative ideas that support our WERG mission and ultimately contribute to creating a more equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for current and future women at Hitachi Vantara Federal!

How do you recharge or find inspiration outside of work?

My ideal way of recharging outside of work is to spend time with my family and friends, traveling and going to concerts!

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to work in federal technology?

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone!

I am not a very adventurous person by nature. I tend to stick to things I know I will like, do well at, etc., and I can only imagine how much that has stunted my growth in all aspects of my life, especially work.

Since being at Hitachi, I’ve been learning to displace that fear of trying new things to take on roles and responsibilities that I’d never imagine myself doing. Because of this, I’ve seen great enhancements in my knowledge and skillsets and I’m a much better technician for it. If I continue on this path, I know even bigger and better opportunities will present themselves and I’m very much excited for that!

Why Hitachi Vantara Federal?

Coming from an academic background in business, I never envisioned myself in the technology industry. However, when the opportunity to work at Hitachi Vantara Federal presented itself, I couldn’t turn it down… and what a great decision that was!

My experience here has been truly remarkable. Hitachi Vantara Federal wholeheartedly upholds its core values and mission daily, and because of that, they’ve managed to create the most positive work environment. I have the privilege to say I genuinely enjoy coming to work here.