Big Data

Helping Federal Agencies Make Sense of Big Data
  • Hitachi Data Systems Federal (HDS Federal) offers cost-effective, scalable technologies to meet the demands of the big data revolution.
  • HDS Federal helps government agencies support the delivery of critical services and applications, while reducing storage costs.
  • HDS Federal creates actionable data that provides agency agility and improves response times.

Federal Challenge

We are a data driven government. Storing and managing vast amounts of data is not a new challenge for the Federal government, but rather one that changes daily as the volume of digital data exponentially grows.

Over the past several years, agencies have begun to realize many of the benefits of big data, but struggle to effectively and securely capture, store and act upon its explosive growth. The complexity, volume and types of data are unprecedented and it prevents agencies from using a one-size-fits-all approach to data management.

To meet this deluge of data and the mission demands placed on it, federal agencies must evolve outdated physical infrastructures to innovative, scalable and reliable data platforms.

Hitachi Data Systems Federal Solutions

HDS Federal’s solutions are vendor-agnostic, optimizing any data management infrastructure regardless of the legacy environment. We never require our agency partners to “rip and replace” infrastructure at great expense. Ultimately, HDS Federal’s comprehensive solutions and approaches to data management offers agencies the ability to create actionable data, improving agency response times and agility in the federal marketplace. HDS Federal ensures that agencies can use big data to deliver on their missions.


Big Data: Staying Ahead of Your Data

HDS Federal offers cost-effective, scalable technologies that provide opportunities for federal agencies to meet the demands of the big data revolution.

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