Is Your SAN Holding Back Performance? Discover with Our Best Practice Assessment!

Considering a SAN technology refresh, contemplating a shift to Brocade Gen 7, or keen on maximizing your SAN’s current efficiency? Our SAN Performance & Health Assessment will be your tailored roadmap to optimized storage performance.

What is the SAN Performance & Health Assessment?

Is your SAN optimized for peak performance? From bandwidth constraints and high latency to overloaded hardware and misconfigured zones, a myriad of challenges can impede your system’s efficiency. Our comprehensive SAN Performance & Health Assessment delves deep into your infrastructure, identifying potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement. Let us ensure your SAN is streamlined, redundant, and aligned with best practices, paving the way for unparalleled storage and server network performance.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Complete the form to indicate your interest in the assessment  
  1. Attend a brief scoping call to confirm timing and goals tailored to your environment; this is not a one size fits all assessment 
  1. Schedule virtual or on-site assessment
  1. Our SME, Brad Akers, will leverage his 30 years of industry experience to conduct a thorough assessment 
  1. Upon completion, Brad will present you with a final report of findings and recommendations 

What can I expect to learn from the assessment?

  • SAN Infrastructure Deep Dive: We’ll meticulously examine your current SAN configuration, encompassing switches, directors, storage devices, and servers.  
  • Gen 7 Upgrade Insight: Review your existing SAN environment and infrastructure to determine if upgrading to Gen 7 technology would be beneficial. Brocade Gen 7 is the latest iteration of their FC technology designed for high-performance storage networking. It offers increased speed, lower latency, and improved capabilities compared to its predecessors, making it suitable for demanding enterprise environments for today and future workloads. 
  • Forecasting Future Requirements: The assessment is geared towards understanding your evolving storage and data access needs, setting you on a trajectory aligned with future demands. 
  • Detailed Analytics & Reports: Receive a tailored report on your storage network’s performance, arming you with insights to pre-empt challenges and fine tune operations. 
  • Performance Benchmarking: Our experts will scrutinize your SAN’s performance metrics, pinpointing any existing or potential bottlenecks for latency. 
  • Seamless Migration Blueprint: Should an upgrade be recommended or desired, we will assist you with architecting a seamless migration journey—outlining steps, execution, and mitigating any disruptions. 

You will be presented with a personalized storage network performance report with actionable recommendations to help you prevent issues and optimize your operations.   The comprehensive report will include all findings, our analysis, and recommendations for improvement. The information can serve as a roadmap for addressing any identified issues to strengthen your SAN infrastructure and optimize IT operations.

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